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Welcome to my website/blog!

Here you will find stories that I have written.  Some will be Fan-Fiction, and some will be Original piece of work.  The first few stories you will find on my site are Twilight Fan-Fiction.  Soon you will find other works for different fandoms and original stories.


Meaning of Nestaron:

Nestaron (n) is Elvish for Jason, which means healing.

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The Change Series

The Change Series started is my first fore ray into Twilight Fan-Fiction.  You will find that I have a fondness for Jasper.  Most of my Twilight Fan-Fiction features him as the story teller.  One of the features of my story that many readers have told me they enjoy is how I've set it in an Alternative Universe, but how I have managed to tie-in scenes, lines or other parts of the Original Saga.

Change begins in the early nineteen-thirties.  You will find that it differs greatly from the Original Saga from the start, but that it has many tie-ins and follows a similar time-line.

This story as many of the stories you will find on this site is a "slash" story.  Slash is term used to describe stories that feature male homosexual relationships.  If this disturbs you, or you do not wish to read about such relationships you should skip this story.  The acts are described in detail, and featured through the series.


Struggle (Book 1): Chapters

(1) A Rare Change | (2) Struggle | (3) Prodigal | (4) First Move | (5) Unexpected | (6) Past Hurts

(7) Family | (8) Michaela | (9) The Search | (10) Never a Dull Moment | (11) Emmett | (12) Treaty

(13) The Past, Present & Future | (14) The Boys | (15) Beware Empath Nearby | (16) Hollow

(17) Fragile | (18) Mending | (19) Laughter | (20) Deception | (21) Confidence

(22) Tracking the Tracker | (23) Gemini | (24) Second Chance | (25) Wager | (26) Visions

(27) London | Epilogue: Journey's End

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The Knight & His Squire (Trilogy)

Over a year ago I created this story.  It was something that occupied my mind for several days and just had to get on "paper".  When I wrote this story I had originally planned for it to be a short one-shot, but I have since worked on a sequel and have plans for a third part.

Below is the original Author's Note that explains a little about the story setting, as well as the Expanded Summary.

Author's Note:

Because this is a one shot there are some things that need to be explained:

This story takes place during the mid to late 1700; shortly before the United States is set to declare its independence.

Jasper, and Edward are both born much earlier then they are in the Twilight Saga. Jasper is about the same age as Carlisle. Edward is younger then the two of them.

Lastly, Jasper is a rare type of vampire that is capable of having multiple gifts. Some of his gifts will be explained within the story. He has other gifts that are not discussed in this story. I have planned out what those might be if I were to continue the story.

Also Alice is a human-vampire hybrid, but she is only reference in this story. She does not make an appearance in it; nor does Esme. (Note they will make an appearance in the Epilogue).

Story Details: This story is slash, M/M relationship between Jasper & Edward.

Expanded Summary: Major Jasper Whitlock is one of the most feared and respected vampires of his time. Only the truly foolish would challenge him, and those foolish enough have met with an untimely end.

Jasper sets out on a mission to protect the supernatural and human world after visions from his sister Alice. Under the pretense of exposing a secret alliance between his former Master and leaders of the Romanian coven he sets out to Volterra to inform Aro Volturi of their intentions. Does Jasper have ulterior motives for informing the leader of the vampire world, or does it do it out of respect for authority.

The Knight & His Squire: Stories

Part 1 | Part 1: Epilogue | Part 2 | Part 3

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The Knight and His Squire: Epilogue


POV: Jasper

Before I settled into bed beside Edward I bit his wrists, inner elbows, behind his knees and ankles. My goal was to get as much venom into Edward as possible to speed the change. I finally settled into bed beside Edward and pulled his naked body to mine and sent him waves of calm, and euphoria to help lessen his pain.

Edward whimpered as the venom burned through his veins. I felt horrible for causing him this pain, but in the back of my mind I knew that we both wanted to be together forever. Edward was right; I would never be able to live without him. The very thought of not having him in my life made my cold dead heart ache.

During the first day of the change, Edward slipped in and out of consciousness. Whether he was awake or asleep he would whimper and tense from the pain. Watching him burn was more painful then my own change. I wanted so much to take his pain away, but the best I could do was lessen it.

Things only got worse as we entered the second day. Edward no longer slipped into unconsciousness. His body would tense more frequently and his whimpers grew louder, but not loud enough to draw attention. I repeated to him over and over again how much I loved him and how we would be together forever.

As the second day progressed so did Edward’s change. His new found strength began to display itself as his hold on me would tighten at times. He also kept his eyes closed most of the time, but eventually he opened them and the beautiful green eyes I had come to love we no more. Edward’s eyes had shifted to a flat black color. I knew that by the end of the change they would be a bright crimson.

I would miss his emerald eyes, and the blush that would cover his cheeks when he was embarrassed. I would miss the softness of his skin and the warmth of his body. I knew that these features were worth giving up, but I couldn’t help feeling sad at the lost.

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The Knight and His Squire

Chapter 1: The Reward

The village of Volterra is nestled on a small hill over looking the Tuscan country side. Its walls are said to secure the safest village in all of Italy, but that security comes at a price that its residents do not question. Volterra is home to the Volturi family; a powerful coven of vampires who rule over the supernatural world with force and intimidation.

I could feel their eyes upon me the moment I began to walk upon the hillside road that led the village gates. Most people will have been unnerved by the constant pressure of eyes watching your every stepped, but not me. Their attention caused me no concern as I approached their village.

Lightning flashed across the dark night sky before the deluge of rain was unleashed upon the Earth. I pulled the hood of my dark green cloak over my head so that it would shield the rain, but also so that it would hide my face and eyes from the guards. I also pulled my cloak closed around me hiding my sword in its sheath.

The human guards watched me as I approached the village gate. It was the first time they had seen me, but they were of little concern to me. Neither guard moved toward me as I approached the opened gate. They waited for another cloaked figure to step out of the shadows as I reached the entrance.

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